Hot PIC: I'm restoring this vintage convertible. Still has original paint job.

It’s a 1935 John Deere Model A.

I have a couple of them. They are my favorite tractor. High seat gives you “command seating” and great visibility. Very comfortable. No electronics or battery. You start it by turning the flywheel (my hand is on it in the PIC). Hand clutch. Independent rear brakes for turning on a dime. Does zero to 8 in 10 seconds flat. I found this one up north. No missing parts. Runs great. All original paint.

Been riding it around in the dark tonight. I guess it’s time to quit. I’ll be up all night waiting for daybreak to go for another spin.

Another beautiful PIC:

Green Acres. lol

very nice

Nick, Do you do all the manual restoration yourself?

At least you will be good to go when we have an EMP diaster :slight_smile: Tractor and Stoves…What other old timey stuff do you restore and or collect?

Lookin’ lean, Nick. The tractor, too. :slight_smile:

Nice machine. I have a good friend who also has your fetish, I am normal fortunately, I have about 40 guitars, banjos, mandos and basses. Sold my Hammond B3 last year and I’m down to a Baby Grand and Yamaha pro keyboard. I’m not crazy like you tractor guys :cool:

Yes, but I’m looking to bring a mechanic on full time. If you have anyone who wants a nice job in Colorado, let me know.

Looks great, I have a 1941 Farmall H I ride around on when I’m bored.

Me, but I am afraid I am no mechanic :frowning: Need a hunting or fishing guide :slight_smile:

Very Nice

Now that …is cool!
I have a 2011 JD 5083e I do snow removal with it during the slow winter.
That is going into look sweet after a full resto. And it runs? Well that was a find.

I grew up in Loveland Co farming on the same one only a 1936 I was 13 or 14 before I could turn the fly wheel safely with out breaking my arm, I never would use the crank in front it hit me a few times just scared the hell out of me after that. I would be on it for hrs haying and that little 2 cylinder had the best sound, my dad would get mad when I would leave the petcocks open after starting it, I liked hearing the sound I guess. I sure miss that old tractor and the spoke wheels and the sound it makes when first started (petcocks open) and the way it felt in the hay field never really liked the way our International M felt, I always liked the old A. Thanks for sharing Nick.

Needs a hood scope:D

I’d apply for that job except my parents are both still alive and I don’t want to be that far away from them at this stage of their lives.

I’ve been a Mech on machines ranging from cars, to tractors, to heavy equipment to the 747s flying overhead.
Chip Foose is my little brother and The Count is my older brother. :wink:

I have enough heavy equipment in use now to keep a mechanic busy with repairing breakdowns, restorations, and normal maintenance.

A completed one:

And another I’m about to start (steel wheels with cast iron lugs):

Only a few miles to a couple JD manufacturing plants. There are a lot of collectors and restorers around here.