Hot PIC: Inspector correctly leading with CMI on his banner.

Don’t clutter up your marketing. You only get 5 seconds. Throw you best punch!

I like the clean look of it.

It’s a good start but I think that it could be polished a bit. A lot of clients might understand better if it had testing after the mold, radon, etc. Also confusing to clients on the Hon Membership.

Maybe if the services (not products) were listed in alphabetical order and the inspector’s name was beneath his picture, it might help a little bit.

Clean yes but personally spending a lot of money to have them made I would polish it up quite a bit.
It’s kind of like comparing a third grade homework paper to a college research paper or a thesis.

It’s nice but it needs another look. IMHO

All he needs is a nice red thermal image to cover over that little circle image in the bottom left corner it would brighten up real nice:p;-)

Clean? Hardly…

Cluttered with BS, IMO

CMI is shown as secondary to all the other crap.
Saw CMI dead last as an incentive, actually.
Do all CMIs carry these widgets?
Is that what defines a CMI?
Are CMI’s just better because of experience and education?

When I market that I am a CMI, I lead with this tidbit and why it makes me a better choice.

It has nothing to do with widgets and nonsense… and EVERYTHING to do with experience and knowledge of INSPECTIONS.

Get it?

Nick is displaying these signs with a clear nod towards his fallen friend.


Agreed. Not disparaging this inspector in the slightest but it seems that I’m seeing a lot of regurgitated inspector advertisement promoting 3rd party junk IMO.

Like - I’m advertising for free this 3rd party vendor’s services…check and this one check. As a consumer who the hell will give a hoot? CMI sure INACHI again, sure.

I just see a pattern with a lot of inspectors that frequent all these conventions, like a traveling carney. Some people call them USP but if all the inspectors that frequent the conventions copy one another and actually pay the vendor to push the vendor’s products (even though they don’t know that’s exactly what they are doing) what is so unique about that? Consumer doesn’t care. It so close minded. Anyone can sign up for a 3rd party vendor service and copy/paste their material. Don’t get me wrong you want or think a widget works for you, great do it. Not saying some may work, no doubt. Its you the inspector incorporating and mentally making it work though, not the widget itself.

Man, I cant wait until I exit this profession one day and write a book or heck set up a booth at these conventions explaining my formula to make an jaw dropping amount of a living.

I just don’t understand why you are pushing this stuff Nick? Certainly not because theres a small CMI logo on a piece of paper? Spill the beans please…

When “experience and knowledge” begin to pay kickbacks to home inspection associations, home inspection associations will promote them.

Until such time … it’s the gimmick that gets the headline.

Ain’t that the truth.
Thanks for your insight Ray.

I find this strange, including recent similar threads, that Nick is promoting a vendor whom he just booted out of here.

Wonder why the guy promotes all that aux crud but not much about doing a real inspection ?
Promise if I designed a banner and sat next to him he would be like the MayTag repairman.

Notice how young he looks now picture me the way you think I am.:slight_smile:

Screaming… Newbie!

He was in my HI classes that I took before I started my business. He was pretty impressive with all of his marketing setups, not sure how much of it has paid off or if it’s even worth it IMO?


You should really look up the definition of leading :slight_smile:

We actually did an informal survey with this banner. We asked about 20 or so folks (at the bicycle shop next door to us): What sticks out (leads) on this banner? Not one of the text items received a single vote. Responses were evenly split between the inspectors photo at the bottom right and the CMI logo at the bottom left.

In other words, worthless gimmicks are exactly that, and the public at large sees right through them, and IMO many are most likely turned off by them.

It reminds me of the “As seen on TV” commercials.
“But if you order within the next twenty minutes, we’ll double the order and you pay only S&H, order in the next ten minutes and we’ll double your order and send you an additional worthless widget for free, just pay the extra S&H”.

IMO, the minute they give anything away for free, they have cheapened their original product exponentially.

I agree with the response to the Inspectors picture and the CMI logo in this case.

Hey Nick, go to my front page and you get a sneak-peak of the CMI logo. Click on the CMI logo and I hope the page says it all.

I like it Lenny! What software are you using?


I have to agree.

I host my own service using Wordpress and some tailored plugins and theme. This allows me to tie everything together so all my SEO, SM2 and Pingbacks are all interconnected. This reduces my web marketing time by around 80%.