Hot PIC: InterNACHI-designed logo on home inspector's truck.


That is pretty cool. Rememberable.

Since we send the inspectors vector files of their final logo other professional design companies are able to take the design file and manipulate the file to work better in large applications like this truck graphic. The company that created the truck graphic rotated and enlarged the octopus in this logo to wrap over the top of the wheel well and across the hood of the truck. It looks fantastic. They were only able to do that because they had a professionally designed vector file to begin with. Far too many inspectors employ tiny JPEG files that were illegally downloaded off of Google images or unfortunately paid an online company for a low-resolution logo design in a limited file format. If your logo designer is creating your logo graphic in Photoshop the chances are pretty high that they don’t know what they are doing. We can help and the design work is free.