Hot PIC: More than 100 inspectors attended the Toronto InspectorBoost seminar.

Why did only one person bring a pen and paper with him to take down some notes?

Do they all have real good memories?

Should I leave all of my things at home today?

See you tonight, Nick.

Great information, well worth time.
Nick is a genius.


The picture was snapped right near the beginning of the evening, during some introductory announcements. You’ll definitately want to take notes. Bring a big pad and a couple of pens. There is alot of information that you’ll want to take down.

Have a safe drive to Rochester, and enjoy the evening!

Thanks again Nick for a great evening!

Nick can you post the info on the Link Back tip you gave when posting to the forum. I did not quite understand how to do this.

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Thanks Nick

I’m in that picture and yes I took notes, many did.

I have a couple questions regarding the $99 discount from sponsors.
How do they know they know that we attended the workshop and are the discounts time limited?

We give all the sponsors the list of all those who register. The $99 credit is likely good for a long time.