HOT PIC: Move In Certified and Chicagoland at IL Association of REALTORs Convention.

I think I know where my MIC banner went-
It got sidetracked on its way to Idaho’s Convention!

Looks great, guys - Congrats!!

I made do by printing pics of the MIC signs, as you’ll see shortly . . .

looks good.

Russell, that is their own MIC banners. Ours is still at the hotel, they forgot to call for pickup because it was in a tube and didn’t notice it as a box.

Banner was paid for by Chicago Chapter, Great response from Realtors.

Any way it ( sign file) could be put in some more common editable formats?

No way, Russ. That MIC banner was made up by Jeff Merrit.

Yours is on the way to the Hong Kong convention.

Hope this helps;

Am I getting deported??!
OK, Wil- I just thought maybe the 2 IAR’s got mixed up at HQ’s end.


No problem- when we got down to the wire here, I just printed up a bunch of MIC signs on photo paper & plastered the booth with them. Worked just fine!