Hot PIC: My staff gave me a PIC of themselves for Christmas.

**Back Row: ** Erik (inspector digital video commercials), Nikolai (Inspector Outlet), C.K. (inspector logo design), John (I.R.), Jessica (Director of Marketing), Ben (Director of Education), Maddie (inspector flashcards).

Middle Row: Kate (Editor-in-Chief), Cherise (inspector brochure design), Chloe (Chief Financial Officer), Indi (shipping), Lisa (Director of Communications), Lua (office dog), Kim (Personal Assistant).

Front Row: Sasha (office dog), Tom (proctored exams and Owens Corning), Lizbeth (packing), Michelle (government approvals), Tanya (education accreditation and Spanish translator), Marshall (inspector how-to videos).

Photo shopped into the front corner: Lua (office dog).

Missing from photo: Chris (CEO), Ron (P.E. and InterNACHI University Director), Levi (inspector logo design), Kenton (International Director), Tim (Chief Software Engineer), Lisara (architect), Sheilenna (member services), Maggie (manufacturing), Savannah (I.T.), Mark (General Counsel), Nick (founder).

very nice!

Good looki’ bunch.


Smartest people in the world.

Good looking crew! Dog too! :smiley:

Very Nice! You all just got put on the Christmas list;)

what’s the story behind the shocking elk?


Noticed the blue tinge around the dog right away.

Fine buncha people.

Great picture!

Merry Christmas to all!

So staff nearly doubled since last year?

Nice pic good looking crew, even Johnny (IR). Love the pups.

So, where’s the Santa hats?

Yes. InterNACHI keeps growing too: and our membership benefits list keeps growing too:

It’s a fun mural Levi painted some time ago. It’s back has the Colorado Rockies on it. Its a pretty epic painting . :smiley:

Must be a great place to work :slight_smile: Anyplace that lets Dogs in has got to be laid back :slight_smile: Merry Christmas to each and everyone of you.