Hot PIC: New studio to create online video commercials to promote members' businesses

Chloe and Maggie helping me paint the floor of the new studio.

We’re launching a new division of InterNACHI’s Member Marketing Department. We’re going to be making custom online videos that promote members. These videos will include the member’s contact information, a link to their inspection business website, mention of their qualifications and ancillary inspection services, and their inspection business logo. Members will also be able to email us still shots of themselves in action on inspections so that we can incorporate them into the videos. The scripts of the videos will of course be search engine optimized. They will be hosted on sites like YouTube, InterNACHI will link to them from some of our inspector search sites, and members will be able to embed their custom videos on their own websites as well.

Very nice. Hope to take advantage of it someday! :slight_smile:


Sounds awesome, I will want to use this once it is available

It kinda looks like Chloe and Maggie are doing all the painting and You are doing all the posing…just sayin…

True. They work 10 times harder than I can. Those PICs taken on a Sunday if that says anything. We did the walls Saturday, the floor Sunday and we’re hanging the lighting tomorrow.


Chloe and Maggie being punished with time out at the wall ?

We launched today:

Now this makes real marketing sense to me its the meat for the potatoes.

CMI Nada???:wink: