Hot PIC of Commercial Inspection Course, graduating class, Ohio, Feb 2008.

I want to thank Joe for coming to Columbus Ohio to teach the Commercial Inspection Class and the Certified Well sample class. We all had a great time and and Joe made it easy to keep you mind on task for what you need to remember for the test. I highly recommend these classes. We had people from PA, IN, TN, and OH attending. Thanks again for all who attends. See you this Sunday for the SEO training class. For more information go to .

A thank you to both Joe and Mark
I had a great time, met some other great inspectors and learned one hell of a lot at the Commercial Inspection Class and the Certified Well Sample Class. I would like to thank Joe and Mark for taking time for setting up these educational classes.


Thanks Gary, I am glad that you enjoyed your self.

I had a great time as well. I traveled from Pittsburgh and it was worth every second of it.

Joe, Thank you for sharing your knowledge of Commercial Assessments.

Thank you Mark, for setting this up. I am looking forward to the Ohio chapter doing more education