Hot PIC of Dee all NACHI'd up.

I vote a raise for Dee for all she has to do…

those earrings…LOL. :wink:

very nice

So when will she be modeling the emperor’s new clothes !!

Wow…now that’s dedication.

Whats next NACHI tatoos?

Looks good on Dee, but would not be a good look for me.:wink:

Is that a Ralph Lauren NACHI shirt?

Dee, or the clothing?:twisted:


Thats nothing like the black dress she wore in Vegas! THAT was nice! :smiley: If I recall it was for the date Mario won with her. That was the best daily door prize ever huh Mario!?!?!! Love Ya Dee! :mrgreen:

William you look different in your pic. Have you changed your hair style?

Nope…thats how I remember him looking…:wink:

I’m tellin’ your wife. :twisted:

I won that prize date and gave it away, and I never even
got a thank you card from Mario…

But… I did get to live and breath for a few more years
with my wonderful wife… She gave me a full pardon
and stopped the execution. :shock: