Hot PIC of InterNACHI staffer Chloe and her very well-organized desk.

Note all her coffee cups. :roll:


I could use those sockets.

Looks like a normal Busy Desk to me .

Now I see why dues had to go up. That’s not a desk…it’s two tables put together.:p:mrgreen:

It looks like folding tables instead of a desk.

You can go to state surplus sales and pick up desks reallly cheap. A have even seen the state of Missouri sell hundreds of them that was brand new in the boxes just because somebody did not like them after they got them.

I think we should turn this around on Nick. Instead of calling Chloe a slob call him a slave driver! :wink:

appears to be a productive workplace…
what is the problem?

She does not have a desk?

What’s that she’s got in the center of the desk???


There is a center?

No drawers permitted. Things go in drawers and never come out. I like to see what’s going on.

I’m suspecting thats your desk Nick. Oil filters, Sockets??? -X

Lmao…no “drawers” permitted…smart man…

They are an excellent morale booster when considering your job security.:mrgreen:

Looks like the inside of my car, minus Chloe

At least she has a window…

I’m sure she knows where everything is. Probably emulates her boss???

Is that your “dress code”?;-):smiley:

James, I was thinking along the same lines as you. One other thing, I could only wish my desk was as neat and uncluttered as hers.

No, it is not Nicks desk - he works standing up. So does Ben. I have seen it. They run a lean ship and don’t waste our dues money on fancy office furniture.