Hot PIC of InterNACHI's huge booth at Atlantic City Inspection Conference.

Lisa Endza


Typical abuse of Lisa. Leaving her to work a big booth by her self.:mrgreen:

She’s like an Iditarod dog. She likes to pull the sleigh.

Pull a sleigh? She could probably pull a train!!!

She’s like an Iditarod dog

nice, Nick. if she’s following this mb, bet she goes on break!

I met Lisa today for the first time and what a great lady. It was nice to put a the voice on the phone.
Nick, I went to the Horizon room at 4:00 PM because some guy by the last name Gromicko was supposed to give a two hour talk about filling your schedule. What happened?

Lisa caught up with him, due to what he posted about her in this thread.

Lisa can do the work of 3 men.

His schedule was full! :mrgreen::wink:

We call that No show Jones :mrgreen::wink:

what happened to Nick in AC, stays in AC…

No wonder she didn’t answer when I called her back.