Hot PIC of InterNACHI's insurance inspection course set. Roof goes on.

This display is to teach recognition of proper installation of membranes, flashing and roof-covering materials for cold and warm climate zones. We’ll be installing different roof-covering materials like asphalt, clay and concrete tile, metal, etc.

Since the back wall folds down to form a ridge we can show continuous ridge vent and cap shingles.

Since the pitch is adjustable, we can increase the slope of the roof and walk it using both street shoes and high-friction sole roof boots (donated by Cougar Paws) to see the degree to which each type of material can be walked. We’ll also show how to walk fragile materials like concrete tile and talk about materials which can’t be walked without damage.

We’ve got rake and eve roof-edge conditions and level and sloped roof-to-wall junctions. Skylight, roof vent and plumbing vent jack to show flashing and proper installation.

We’re looking forward to this one!