Hot PIC of members and CMIs in Toronto, Canada conference on March 1, 2014.

Members and CMIs in Toronto.

Very nice Nick! Sure wish I could have made it. BTW who is that guy in the purple shirt.:mrgreen:

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Ok, I’ll bite.

You’re a CMI?

The order from left to right is Timothy Smith better known as TJ, Jim Mosiuk, Len Inkster, Big Nick Gromicko, Little P. Nathan Thornberry, Roy Cooke and Pat Aurio
No P. Nathan is not a CMI.

Wish I could have made it. Looks like you’re enjoying yourselves. I’m working on day 7 of 15. Talk to you all when I get back from the boonies!!

It was a great pleasure not only meeting Nick but also the board members of the OntarioACHI.

Thank you for the great conversations and lunch!

Nice to see you Greg. Please fill everything out so we know were you are from. I do know you are from Ontario and welcome you to the MB.

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Ok Nathan then I will have to say Welcome! Sorry as from the outset you have displayed nothing on the MB to indicate it.

Yes, welcome. I had no idea that you inspected structures for a fee.

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You should then change what you have here to “If I was still Inspecting I would be using Recall Check” unless you plan to Inspect Homes again.


If this is true Nick needs to remove this statement from his website, because it’s apparent anyone can now buy the CMI logo, and as this news spreads, it will give the arguments of those that have been complaining for years about the ease of obtaining the " CMI status/logo" complete & 100% legitimacy.

One thing is for sure. A vendor who never performed an inspection could never become an ASHI Certified Inspector.

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I almost bought into the CMI gimmick last week, Glad I saved my money, and personal embarrassment.

Once again this proves “money can buy anything”.

I’ll say this. When I received the designation a few years ago, I was proud of the company I was in of other CMI recipients, for sure, I felt it was an achievement.

It’s often been said it’s “Marketing”, why would that be? Obviously because of what the designation was intended to mean and what the public would assume it meant. Simple.

What does the designation mean now? I’m under the impression it’s a profitable designation, raise the fee spread out over 24 months, why not?

The designation serves it’s creator, no differently than a lot of other things in life/business do, and as expected. However, it could have been different, it could have been a designation earned by experience and tenure, and for no other cost but to process (I think it was a few hundred when I did it). But I’m the recipient of such, and have no say in it’s use or direction.

Kevin’s quote for the lopsided application is interesting, but why would anyone want such a thing if not an inspector?

If he has not performed an Inspection then he would not qualify as the criteria has to show that he has been inspecting for 3 years and in business.
If he is not Inspecting then I would agree and if he is given a CMI then you would be correct.

Proof that **CMI **is BOGUS!

And many of us thought it couldn’t get any lower.


NACBI, anyone have directions?