Hot PIC of NACHI's Vice President Keith Swift, hard at work.

Has to be staged :mrgreen:

Keith, where is the deck clutter, papers, etc. - just kidding, wish my desk looked like yours . . . keep up the good work!

Michael, here’s the scoop. My twenty-two year old twin girls moved out to their own apartment (about bloody time, he mutters, under his breath). This released two rooms, one for an exercise room and one for an office. Everything in the office is new, the desk, chair, bookcase, everything that is except me.
A photograph tomorrow morning will look different. But, right now I’m feeling important, which is why she-who-must-be-obeyed took the picture without my knowledge to send to Zsar Nicholas.

So did either of them move in with our IT Guy…lol…I hear Chris is Available…:wink:

Chris is definitely a “catch,” to be sure, and Jacki spent hours at the convention plotting ways to kidnap him and bring him home with us. Oh what I wouldn’t give for a Chris. I even bragged about how beautiful my twins are, and went so far as to offer “two for the price of one,” but he was intractable. He must have a special someone back home.

As you can see, the clutter is already beginning, and within a few minutes of your post. You can’t see, but one of our cats has already taken up residence in a bookcase. What can be said?

dogs (Small).JPG

clutter (Small).JPG

Pictures not working. I’ll try again

Just be careful of those animals, they tend to take over the place . . . thanks for the update . . . still, I just wish my desk looked like yours, uncluttered, and yes - tomorrow is a different story . . . see what I mean by I like your work area better than mine, see photo. :wink:


The way I “read” this picture; you’re a superior being. Thanks for entertaining she-who-must-be-obeyed, you loves it when people are happy, and sharing with each other.