Hot PIC of new online video "Means of Egress Inspection" course in production.

Nick…just a suggestion.

Training films that pertain to issues such as this that can be addressed in multiple national and international code books ---- it would be helpful to cite the reference source when giving a specific dimension, etc.

Maybe some print off to the side of the frame or something.

Something is wrong with the link. When I click on it a picture of Kenton opens up.

Be patient Mark. It’s in post production.

In the event of an emergency, follow Kenton out the door…:mrgreen:

It is based on how many people can get out a door in a certain amount of time.

I wrote the fire/evac plan for the new booking and release center when I was at the jail. 300,000 sq ft. I could teach the class.

That is class. When you see Kenton-run all hell has broke lose

I believe even I could figure out how to egress that door behind Kenton.