Hot Pic of Nick at the office...

Just a typical day here at NACHI.TV headquarters…

Funny, I think. It’s sort of accurate. It is a picture of me, but the picture was taken back when I was Benito Mussolini in my former life. :wink:


Valerie is such a nice person… she made you look skinny… :slight_smile:

Or it could be your Uncle Nick!!:stuck_out_tongue:

Andrei Gromyko
Андре́й Громы́ко
Chairman of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet
In office
July 27, 1985October 1, 1988Preceded byKonstantin Chernenko
Vasily Kuznetsov (acting)Succeeded byMikhail Gorbachev

No joke… that actually is my uncle.

Now you know where Nick got his taste for the music on NACHI.TV…:mrgreen:

Nick I know he is your uncle.I didn’t post it as a joke! Just wanted to mess with you.:smiley:

Kinda looks like a young Richard Nixon, especially around the jowels.