Hot PIC of Nick Gromicko and Governor Charlie Crist.

Nick Gromicko and Governor Charlie Crist.

Nice photo! I almost did not recognize that it was you without the “blue face”!:wink:

**Nick Gromicko



I like Rubio.

I like Crist, he should win. :wink:

Rubio was 30 points behind and is now ahead of Crist by about5 points. I met Rubio and spoke to him for awhile. He is a straight shooter and would be great for the senate. Crist is just another RINO and we have way too many of them down here.

Let me think, who was that other guy Crist gave a man hug to about 1 year ago?

I never met his opponent, but I do like Charlie Crist.

****Charlie Crist continues to lead the U.S. Senate race. Governor Crist, who is an Independent, leads Republican Marco Rubio by 11 points and Democrat Kendrick Meek by 28 points. The statewide poll of 607 likely voters was released late Friday by the Florida Chamber of Commerce.

How, or why, does the posting of a picture turn into a political discussion.

I guess because he’s a sitting Governor, turned independent, running for U.S. Senate. Pretty unusual. Go Charlie!

I’m for Charlie!

Charlie sucks as a governor and would suck as a senator.

Possibly, But he sucks less than Rubio and Meeks. :wink: