Hot PIC of Nick Gromicko doing his Canadian Webinar today.

Fill your hands you _____________.

Who can fill in the blank?

Hint: John Wayne.

Fill your hands you “S.O.B.”

It’s from True Grit.

Best regards,

Looks like Nick’s hand if full with a Tim Hortons coffee!

Is that an eagle on top of the Canadian flag?

Nah… it’s a goose! :wink:

Nope. A seagull in heat… :wink:

Well whatever it is, it’s identical to what usually sits on top of the American flag, so you guys know best….:wink:

To answer your question, “Fill your hands with with true grit at InterNACHI” or “Fill your hands with everything you need, all in one place, InterNACHI.”

Just as well the webinar wasnt today. It appears Bell Internet may be down all over Ontario

Maybe a Loon ?? A few of those around !! :mrgreen:

Did you know that there are more bald eagles in Canada than the USA? Things that make you go hmmmm! :smiley:

I suppose they are trying to get away from all the guns.:shock:


Looks like a McDonald’s coffee to me😀

I think you’re right! :shock: