Hot PIC of Nick Gromicko performing an exterior safety inspection.

Nick Gromicko performing safety inspection.



I like that pic!!!

Very cool Nick.

A buddy of mine is buying a piece of property at about 9,000 feet above sea level in the Rocky Mountains. He asked me to come look at it with him. After he showed me where he proposed to build his home I looked up and saw several big rocks that looked like they could slide down on top of his building site. I told him that we’d better climb up there and see if things look stable. It was a 2-hour climb around the back to get to the top, where, we discovered this. We’ve since gotten permission from the seller to try to knock it down. I’m actually going to try to roll black powder, stuff it behind the rock, and let it blow using a fuse.

I feel like the Road Runner… *ACME Inspections. :cool:

Please take Nachi.TV with you!!!

My sentiments exactly. This is Must See TV.:mrgreen:

Nice photo.

We thought about using the leverage of digging bars to pry it off, but we are afraid the thing will roll back on us.