Hot PIC of Nick hanging out with Colonel Oliver North.

How’d ya swing that one Nick! :slight_smile:

Say hi to Ollie for me! :slight_smile:

Nick, Awesome photo!

I am a big fan of Ollie North! I would consider it an Honor and a privilege to shake his hand!

He called the shot on Osama Bin Ladan YEARS before anyone had ever heard of his name. Too bad that the U.S. government did not follow Ollie’s advice and “Take the man out” as he had requested.

Once again, GREAT photo!

Yep, me too Frank. Very cool!

It’s called bumping into the man at the airport and not being shy.:wink:

Yeah and Ollie’s not too sure about this guy who has him by the hand is he? Kind of a ‘deer in the headlights’ expression on his face.


Hot pic of Nick (almost) with Gisele Bundchen, third one down. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:]('s+Brazilian+Airport+Photo+Shoot)

As staff can attest… that’s not too far from the truth when it comes to me.

Nick ran into Ollie at the airport…see the terminal sign in the background…lol

Ollie asked Nick for a ride on the NACHI Jet

We got stuck together in D.C. He said that next to G. Gordon Liddy, I was the only person he’d ever met that was “right” of him politically :smiley: . Anyway… with regard to the supermodel girlfriend… with the exception of Prague, Boulder has more beautiful women (all thin, outdoor sports, health food types) than anywhere in the world IMHO. The women in Prague just dress better. I’m the fattest person in Nederland (the little town I live in)… so fat (relative to everyone else in town) that when I moved here they added 2 to the population sign :roll: .


You are giving the impression to those that have not met you that you are a slob, [not true] having met you.

Nick is not “FAT” people!!! Just signs of a good life:D

Yeah…but I’m fat…signs of MY life…:slight_smile:

I guess so Paul!!

Yep…I live a FAT life up here in my CRIB…:slight_smile:

Have you ever seen him eat?