Hot PIC of Nick: Two pots of gold found just outside of my parking lot.

It was actually a double rainbow, so maybe 4 pots of gold.

Wow to say the least. Best rainbow pict I have seen :slight_smile:

Where did all the trees go?

It’s a PIC looking east toward Kansas from InterNACHI’s film studio, about 5 blocks away from InterNACHI’s building.

Do you ever sleep ?

Well, with this job, it’s difficult to get a full night off. Operations in 65 countries.

Nice pic Nick. :smiley:

Hire me so you can get some rest :smiley:

Cool. Looks like you’ve lost some weight.

Awesome photo

Nice. I I’ve seen several doubles in my time. The best one I have ever seen was a compote double and a 3/4 triple following a HUGE thunderstorm. (Lighting struck a power pole directly across the road from where I was parked. During the storm I was caught in) It was followed by the coolest cloud formation I have ever seen, looked like an upside down blanket of popcorn following the storm. There is a name for the formation. Any meteorologist out there? I have pics of it on film buried in all the old school photos I have taken. If I ever come across those I will post
My Dad is a retired pilot and has told me that when you fly under a rainbow, the base of the rainbows ends get closer and closer until they finally meet and then it disappears. Cool stuff hope I get to see that someday.