Hot PIC of Spectoscope demonstration at InterNACHI House of Horrors.

Nick, what is the current status of the item in question?
I’m still using my fiberglass version and love it.

I had an inspector purchase one and he had to send it back, wasn’t locking properly.

Have you found a good supplier and ironed out the kinks?

Each version gets better.

That would be an “alternative fact”. :wink:

My original version works great and is non conductive.
I use it around power lines all the time without worry.

Versions 2 and 3 are conductive and as I mentioned I have direct evidence of quality issues.

I’m not very familiar with the different versions. I know they make them custom for each customer. Email them though and maybe they can help further. Their email is

Anyone have a link to video of one of these in action? I’m thinking it would be difficult to use one of these to look at a chimney of a 2.5 storey century home, but would like to see if I might be wrong.

I agree, I would like to see a video of this pole in action !