Hot PIC of Vern Mitchinson, Canadian Member of the Year.

Vern Mitchinson, InterNACHI’s Canadian Member of the Year

Again I want to take this opportunity to thank Vern for all his assistance this year with InterNACHI Alberta.
Congratulations Vern, very deserving award for your hard work.

Good job Vern. Without your hard work we wouldn’t be where we are today. Look forward to seeing you at our next meeting.

Congrats Vern.

Nice! Way to go Vern.

Great Work Vern !!!
You Deserve it from all your efforts…keep up the good work in Alberta

congratulations Vern and thanks for all you do for us here in Alberta!!

That award represents a lot of hard work!

Congatulations Vern, very nice.
Glad to see the award made it in one piece. ;):slight_smile:

Very well deserved for our Canadian friends.

Congratulations Vern!

Congratulations Vern! Thanks for all your hard work on behalf of all the Alberta Inspectors

Hey Vern!

    I just wanted to personally congratulate you on your winning of the Inspector of the Year award. You must be doing something right, and going the extra mile. Keep up the good work. .........with respect, Harold J. Lowe C.M.H.I., C.M.I., C.C.I., C.M.S.