Hot PIC: Pawn Stars TV Show's Old Man with Nick in Vegas.

…with PRO-LAB founder and Inspector Outlet founder.

Ask him if he actually drives the 57 Chevy his son got him for his 70th birthday.

I was told those guys do not even really work at the shop so guess I was wrong.

I didn’t see Chumlee, but the others were all there.

Did you Pawn off something to pay for the gamble debt. :mrgreen::wink:

I gamble every day (just mailed out 22,000 direct mail pieces)… but never at a casino.

Watching the show right now.
One of my favorites including the spin offs .
That car guy the Count seems pretty cool and I have heard Chum is actually the smart one.

Wow, that relates to $9,680 for just the postage. At envelope price. :slight_smile:

Gromicko vs. Holmes

Sounds like a good reality show to me.

Gromiko markets Holmes
sounds more powerful.

Nick, I took these when I was in your beautiful state of Colorado last year. Dog the Bounty Hunters wife and son at the Mesa County Jail. I sure love Colorado and you and your staff are the best!

Our staff really is the best.