HOT PIC! Personalized CMI plaque for David Macy.

Congratulations David! Your plaque is on the way! :mrgreen:

As soon as you get it, use it to generate more inspection work by doing what is advised on page 15-16 of

Can I crop a picture of you presenting the plaque to me?

Thank you very much!!


Congratulations David. :slight_smile:

Congratulations, David!!



Good job David, I just ordered mine as well.

Congrats buddy! Well deserved.

Thanks guys, I received the plaque in the mail yesterday and I had my father in law present the award to me this morning.

And I finally updated my website picture from 2 vehicles ago with a new one. My mother in law sewed on the master badge on my tactical shirt.

Here are the pics!!

I have lots to do. My facebook and linked pages are out of date with no recent posts, my website needs work especially the master inspector certification.

I just completed the IR certification and working on the web page hopefully to have in place for 1/1/17.

Then it is on to the energy program.

I think it is time to be mold certified as well.

Nachi provides so much training I need to take advantage of it. I need a new Nachi ID card as mine is worn out. (another on the to do list)

Good for you David! I hear ya too, lots to do!!!

Nice Jeep. ;):mrgreen:

Nice job David.

Thanks and I am loving my Jeep!!

I like this PIC. 5 CMI products in one PIC, all of them free at

Are personalized CMI name tags available and if so how much. I could always sharpie my name but that would look tacky.

Just order a new ID badge as mine is worn and old.