Hot PIC: Quebec Chapter of InterNACHI.... in the house!

Quebec Chapter of InterNACHI:

When was this taken there are leaves on the trees .
Great picture but where are the names .

Looks like spring in Colorado, by the buds on the trees and Bolder is INACHI headquarters.
Thats Gilles Larin on the left, Roy with InterNACHI Quebec president Tony Porowski on the right.
Gilles Larin
tony P.JPG
Tony Porowski
Sorry for the typo

If I am not mistaken, and I have been known to be, every now and then, those 2 images were taken from the last InterNACHI Quebec meeting.

You guys need someone or a company to get InterNACHI Quebec some SEO juice.
These guys need help, Nick.
Remember how Cam Allen marketed InterNACHI. I am posative these guys will fit right in and carry the torch.

tony P.JPG

tony P.JPG

Looks like yesterday, Roy. Just like Nick to be tight lipped about marketing talent in InterNACHI Oval Office.
Nick, you’re the king mate.

Look at the image 2018.jpg (1of1) file date at the bottom right hand side - 3/14/18. Looks like yesterday.
Great looking shot.

The pic was taken last Wednesday March 14.