Hot PIC: Some of InterNACHI's Boulder office staff enjoying a liquid lunch.

From left:

Griffin: NACHI.TV.
Levi: Logo designer.
Chloe M: Programmer.
Tim: Chief software engineer.
Erica: Marketing.
Kelsea: Operations.
Nick: Founder.
Chloe K. Accounting.
Kate: Shipping.
Alysse: French translation.
Jessica: Marketing director

Missing from PIC:

Kate: Editor.
Mark: Attorney.
Chris: CEO.
Ben: Education director.
Kenton: International director.
Lisa: Communications director.

tough day …

very nice

I just burst out laughing! :stuck_out_tongue:
That picture was taken two hours ago and “you guys” are posting on the message board! Now I understand the “attitude” of some of the responses from InterNachi:nachi:

That “redhead” {last on the right} is absolutely awesome!:wink:

All those are fine ladies !
Now that dude at the end of the table in the back is hard to look at !

Nothing like cold Lemonade to finish off a hard days work at the Office. Nice looking bunch of Ladies there Nick.

Hope you bought them all their drinks. ;):slight_smile:

Well deserved, I’m sure! :smiley:

I don’t see Lisa’s name anywhere. :frowning:

Ooops. Good catch.

Looks like a happy bunch. Congrats Nick on such a fine crew.

Where’s Nathan?

Michael, do you have to steer every thread off topic and back to Nathan? Someone complained about this practice recently. Oh… wait… that was you:


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Hey Marcel you could have been there if you took Nick offer last year. Just think of their laxed doobie laws also…-X


Michael did again. He’s trying to make this the Thornberry Message Board and I think he’s succeeding. LOL

Offer still stands. I would kill to have Marcel on our Boulder office staff.

When you do the right thing it stops.

So far it’s looks like Nathan runs the joint.

In what way? Can you give me an example?

You’re a smart guy. You’ll figure it out.

I suspected you couldn’t give an example of what you are referring to.