Hot PIC: We need a stadium for next year's convention

InterNACHI’s 2023 Inspector Pro Convention:



First, you need to fill up the seats in that middle section.

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Then we need to not have conventions at casinos so that they can wake up in the morning. Next year is not at a casino:

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Orlando again?

Everyone would have more fun in Traverse City, MI. I guarantee it. :smiley: :grin:


Commercial classes were so popular that CCPIA is considering doing a Commercial Inspection convention and we’d love to do it in the middle of the country somewhere.

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New Orleans…

Bring the convention to the midwest and I guarantee that you’ll get a bigger turnout. #indianapolis

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2024 pro inspectors convention internachi

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Must be more inspectors east coast that’s why Orlando? Why not The Midwest at the Brass Proshop resort? Or Colorado, say Boulder, Aspen , Telluride?