Hot PICs: Building film sets for a new roofing inspection video course.

It’s going to be a very detailed course with up-close video shots.

Will you be shooting in HD ? All the video courses I’ve watched were very low quality…maybe just the older vids huh?

It’s all shot in HD, but our system tries to trade speed for quality when you watch them sometimes.

I had to watch the “Inspecting log homes” with you and Kenton a couple of times…it froze up on me twice.

Try it now… we moved everything recently:

Will do,thanks for the update,btw,I do enjoy the video courses! Keep em coming!

Don’t tell me you will be off the ground Gary will be very disappointed:p;-)

Do you have any pics of happy employees? The guy helping to unload the truck looks like he would rather be anywhere else.

That’s Griffin. I just stay out of his way. He’s never really too happy about building a set only to have to tear it down after the shoot.

We shoot on Monday.

Why the odd framing width on the left and right?:slight_smile:

It’s built to what the experts want. They are coming in by plane on Monday to help us shoot it. They are from Owens Corning and are going to install the shingles themselves… intentionally incorrectly I suspect.

Obviously not a framing video…roof decking is usually started at the bottom. Looks like the layout got a little out of square between the top and the bottom of the rafters, which would explain the look of dismay…just goof’n.

Sweeping up and and ready for our cameras tomorrow.

May I ask why the roofing removing shovels?

The shingles are not installed yet. :):wink:

If you added a few straps or clips and maybe a few toe nails,you could also do a wind mit video. just a thought

no but looks like doug fir sheathing…don’t see much of that here these days…

No Pine for me Jim, although it is available. :slight_smile:

Backdrops, lighting and camera tripods set up. Next are the boom mics.

Capturing clips: