Hot PICs: Certified Master Inspector featured in major newspaper.

very nice!!

Thanks Nick. The CSM interview was great. The CSM photographer must have taken over a thousand pictures and only used three. They did a great job on the article.

I think Infrared scanning is going to be big this year, due to homeowners wanting to decrease their exorbitant heating bills. I’m doing more IR Energy Efficiency scans now than I’m doing home inspections. Once this technology gets out to the public, and advise them of what IR can do, the requests will start pouring in.

I’ll have another IR article in the Bay State Parent magazine at the beginning of the December.

I’ll be going for the local news channels next.

You did good, David.

Good job David!

Ok…here’s the official on-line version. It’s much clearer.…m-this-winter/



Nice story!! Great job!!

Thanks guys.

I just did a local radio talk show two days ago. During the show, the radio station phone was ringing with lots of questions.

Was the radio show archived? I would like to hear it.

Super/Great/Fantastic work??

You are getting the word out and helping people.

I hope to one day soon(like yesterday) get going on the thermal before it is to late!!


You wouldn’t understand the show anyways, unless you habla espanol. My wife does these talk shows on a local Spanish station (WCEC)]( every Tuesday from 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM. They habla espanol only. Her weekly show is about Real Estate in our community.

My wife and the Radio announcer asked me many IR questions (in English) and my wife simply translated the entire show for me.

Nice job David!

If anything is lacking in the infrared industry, it is the lack of education to the potential customer!

Very nice, David! :smiley:

That’s what it’s about…educating the public.