Hot PICs: More than 3,000 home inspectors attend InterNACHI's 2016 Texas Convention.

Another one:


And you know March in Colorado isn’t always the best time for something like this right? Weather is REALLY tricky in March…

I attended the conference, is there someplace where I can provide feedback?

Alan, I think right here is as good a place as any to give feedback

Now that sounds interesting.

I’ve been attending the October Conference in Vegas for years. This year, no Vegas, so I went the one in Texas. The facility was nice, (other than the vendor area was too small). The presenters were excellent and everything ran smoothly, because it was well organized. However, I will not attend this convention again. Over 95% of the attendees were from Texas and drove to the convention. I flew in from Phoenix and had to rent a car. There was no discount room rates like in Vegas. These two things made this convention expensive for me. In Vegas–discount room rates and no need to rent a car. I also prefer the smorgasbord of classes that were offered in Vegas. In Texas there were two tracks offered. I’m curious, where are all of the people, that usually go to Vegas, going this year? Next year?