HOT PICS! MoveInCertified, CMI, NACHI.TV, Ultimate Inspection Vehicle, in Vegas!

“It’s good to be da king.” – Mel Brooks

CMI looking better everyday :slight_smile:

NACHI.TV’s Paige Peters volunteers to work the CMI booth.

John, Paige passed out over 400 of your CMI brochures to less than 500 attendees. Pretty good!

Thank you Paige, very good.!!

Are you sure that it was not 1000 brochures to less than 100 attendees?:slight_smile:

The exhibitor hall was fairly quiet with the exception of the UIV and Paige… both were constantly surrounded by a crowd. The little Minneapolis association didn’t even man their lone booth and it remained empty for the entire event. We, on the other hand, had 7 booths.

It was tough to get that PIC of Paige without inspectors around her. It was impossible to get a pic of the UIV alone, inspectors where climbing all over both of them constantly.

At one point the Fire Marshall told me not to allow Paige to stand near the UIV as the two combined were creating a crowd hazard :wink: .

I spent the last night of the event partying with Brian Hannigan. His suite was directly across the hall from mine at Planet Hollywood and he invited me over for beers. We had a blast.

Crowd hazard… ? probably a fire hazard as well… with so much heat in one place :mrgreen:

Looking good, one & all!

I used to be one of the few volunteering to man NACHI booths, the last 3 years; with staff like that manning (womanning?), vols will be coming out of the woodwork & I’ll be out of a job!

I feel like I missed a great reunion- Lisa, Nick, Peter . . .

When is the NACHI Convention?

Thanks Nick,

Now I really want to go to Vegas.

Hey Russell, I met the only other CMI in Idaho, Roger Burnham, an ASHI guy. He said to say hi.

NACHI’s booth(s) were always swamped by inspectors between classes!!! Sometimes I couldn’t get close to any of them!!! Thanks for everything Nick, as always, I have a great time at the ITA convention when you guys are around. My yearly ritual! The NACHI Girls (Lisa, Valerie, Paige) worked their butts off to get the PlanetNACHI word out, EVEN in the evenings!! Great job lady’s!

Hey, that NACHI vehicle ROCKS, huh!? :smiley:

We missed you brother! Next year! :mrgreen:

Sounds exciting… please stop it…:mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen:

I saw this vehicle when it was in pieces on the ground. Now look at it (you can just make it out in the background), almost as pretty as Paige.

Keith, for a better view of both: