Hot PICs of InterNACHI/PRO-LAB's 2015 Inspection Universe in Vegas.

Nick and Paul Abernathy.

See you guys there. Waiting for my flight and look forward to meeting everyone.
Taking sw which is having computer problems.

ASHI Executive Director Frank Lesh speaking.

I asked how many were InterNACHI members.

Nick and Greg Bell.

Nick’s EA… Maddie.


Tanya, Kim, Maddie.

Exhibitor hall.




Jamie and Nick.

Met your son.Nice kid.
George Wells gave a nice report writing class.

Tanya, Ben, Maddie, Michelle.

George Wells on report writing. His room was packed wall to wall.

“The Defendants.”

Mike Crow, Dominic Maricic, Kevin O’Malley, Fidel Castro, Nick Gromicko, Russell Buchanan, Dan Huber.

This one is for you Nathan!

You must have been near Paul Abernathy for that shot.

That must have been interesting, when it comes to report writing George is more a minimalist than me! :shock:

Off with their heads! :wink: