Hot PICs of InterNACHI's inspection textbooks going in and out of our warehouse.

Uh, it looks like they’re about to…

… do that.

Books come in, books go out.

Books, books, everywhere books.

And more books.

Within the next 4 years, InterNACHI’s “Now That You’ve Had a Home Inspection” book]( will be in the top 200 best-selling books in all of human history.

What do you do with the old editions?

They all sell. Our “Now that You’ve Had a Home Inspection” book is in its 10th edition. As soon as a new edition goes to print, we begin updating the next.

very nice, use them every day!

Any discounts on the boxes that fell;-)
I use the books as well.
You might need a bigger warehouse!!

How about a discount on a broken pallet jack? :wink:

“Now That You’ve Had a Home Inspection” booklet; InterNACHI’s best-selling home-maintenance manual (also referred to as the NOW book) is an excellent marketing tool, among other things.

Remember that many home buyers give little thought to home maintenance and assume their home will always be in the same good condition as when they first moved in. This manual helps in reducing your liability and is highly recommended by InterNACHI’s legal counsel. Plus your customers love getting something for free! (and there’s an upsale on the back of the book which is to your advantage). Order yours by the case at

Besides the Now You’ve had a … books, aren’t all the other books available on digital?