Hot PICs of InterNACHI's inspector booth in Atlantic City.

Lisa Endza

InterNACHI inspector booth:

Lisa Endza:

Our screen to Lisa’s right is constantly looping home inspection quiz questions. If you’re in Atlantic City, you should drop by and test your knowledge.

Chloe Katz:

InterNACHI home inspectors:

Chloe and George Wells:

I don’t see a picture of a scale to verify that certain homies are overweight…

John Shishilla:

looks like he is about to fall asleep.

Troy Pappas, Juan Jimenez, Lisa Endza, George Wells, Tom Witt:

Troy should hire Juan to inspect all of his crawlspaces.:slight_smile:

Juan might be smaller, but I wouldn’t mess with him. The few times in my life where I had got my a s s kicked in a fight, were all to guys about Juan’s size.


Ben Garrison:


Is it me, or is Chloe eating in every picture you’ve posted?

Well John Shishilla isn’t working hard like usual… :wink: Pete I haven’t met you yet, have you stopped by the InterNACHI booth?

Michelle Shishilla helping run InterNACHI inspector booth:



I met this vendor in AC who was helping a bunch of home inspectors to become successful :stuck_out_tongue:

Looks like alot of fun. Save some fun for me to guys!