Hot PICs of InterNACHI's Middle East Inspector School.

InterNACHI-Middle East, Dubai:

The government of Dubai and InterNACHI have partnered to offer inspection training:

This really is amazing Nick. Thanks for the update!

InterNACHI now has operations in 65 countries. We’re the first trade association (in any industry, not just inspections) to wrap around the globe. The first in all of human history.


Do you get issued an AK upon arrival :slight_smile: ?

I volunteer to go there for whatever production help you guys need. I would love to visit that part of the world.


Your own guys told you how helpful I can be :slight_smile:

That’s just plain AWESOME :D:shock::smiley:

Some of us were already thinking in that direction (I’ve been to Dubai twice and have a niece who has been working and living there as an Interior Designer for over 20 years)…but the people already there rightfully got it first! Bravo!