Hot PIC's of InterNACHI's packed Las Cruces, New Mexico meeting tonight.

Full house.

Free stuff.

Door prizes.

Great food.

Free beer.

And a good time learning/networking! Thanks for the door prize! Sometimes it pays to find out what the states next to you are up to! :slight_smile:

Marcy won a FLIR C2 Infrared Camera for coming the farthest distance to the meeting.

Thousands of dollars worth of door prizes were given out.

I came. I net-worked. I ate (twice). Yumm. I learned. I was encouraged. I won a great door-prize. I walked out with a BOX of materials that has already helped with marketing to local realtors. I met some really nice people. I was made to feel really welcome, and I’m not even from New Mexico!

Couldn’t expect anything more. Thank you, Nick, for picking up the tab!