HOT PICs of Paige and Claire at InterNACHI-sponsored ICC educational event.

Hot PICs from InterNACHI-sponsored ICC educational event.

Hey Nick, how about the names to go with all the faces??? :smiley:

Hey Nick, if you need help with the ledger board and deck post fastener, let me know.:p:mrgreen:

L to R: Dave Gaston, Mack Weathers, Claire Jackson, Ben Gromicko, Paige Peters, Dan McCarthy, Mike Schmidt.

We really could have used a couple more to work the booth. Ron Huffman will be here tomorrow.

Our Commercial Property SOP book was the big hit at this week-long event.

New PICs with Mike Holt and Tom Lahoun.

wheres Bens right hand???

I’m just going to say it: On average, these code inspectors know less than 10% of what home inspectors know. I’m not saying that they know nothing, but I’ve come to the conclusion that they are so hung-up on code that they are starting to believe that code violations are the only kind of defects that exist. They are getting ticked-off at our booth because we won’t let them join InterNACHI based on all their ICC certs. I feel like they all flew to earth from another planet where once you build something to code, it never falls apart, cracks, blows away, wears out, etc.

Lisa Vega, InterNACHI’s architect came down to help today. Hot PICs from InterNACHI-sponsored ICC educational event.%between%

I had already believed Paige to be pretty but standing next to Nick she’s just hot!! I mean that as a compliment…3 pretty women among so many fugly men :wink:

New PIC of Claire, Paige and Lisa… bottom of

Nick, are you short or is Paige just tall?

In either case one looks a lot better than the other and you don’t qualify. :mrgreen::):wink:

Paige and I are the same height, 5’11.5"

Looks like it was a terrific event.

We’re back at the office. Great show. InterNACHI landed several key contracts to provide temporary inspectors to smaller towns that can’t afford full in-house building departments. We will be parlaying these contracts to land others across N. America. Perfect timing, as budget crunches are making it difficult for many smaller communities to hire full-time building inspectors during a time when new construction is down.

I’ve been doing this for a couple of years. If you need some refrences from some City Officials, let me know. I’ve accumulated a pretty good record with lots of friends.

Nothing is more dangerous to a city, litigation-wise, than to have codes on the books that they do not enforce. More and more jurisdictions are being named in lawsuits for undiscovered code violations within their jurisdictions. Even the larger cities are unable to keep up with the daily requirements (sometimes upward of 125) per inspector. Most jurisdictions adopting the IRC and using occupancy permits require each home in that area be inspected each time it turns over a tenant (renter or buyer). A “bare bones” city workforce can hardly keep up.

Jim, is there specific licensing needed for you to do this?