Hot PICs of Russell Spriggs on the NACHI Tractor.

That was great fun. I was set up by the biergarden, so had plenty of folks coming by!
NACHI made a lot of friends within the RE community that day, and educated quite a number of buyers & sellers.

I kinda expected to see everyone wearing a vest. :smiley:

If I could figure out how to attach pics, John, I’ll show you the kind of vests that are worn out here . . .
Haven’t had much luck with that, though.

SpiritLake 104.jpg

SpiritLake 041.jpg

SpiritLake 045.jpg

SpiritLake 059.jpg

not quite sure how I did that . . .
Well, the point is, I guess I’m the only one around here who wears a 5.11 brand vest - Farmers, loggers & ranchers use a different kind . . .
Here are some early in the day shots, before the big crowds arrived- I wanted to get pics of the storefronts in our town. Take away the blacktop, you could use it in a Western movie.