Hot PICs of the nicest inspection vehicle I've ever seen:

Owned by member Blake Spann:

I have drawn out plans for an office in the back of one of those multiple times, but the wood floor cabinets and folding chair make that better than anything i have come up with

I like it.

very nice

Very nice.

Reports seem to be printed, bound and delivered on site.
Nice touch.

Impressive for sure,
Nice job Blake

Nice but did not see the storage for the important stuff … meters, tools, etc??

My first thought too.

Need more room for receptionist desk and waiting room. Where is the executive washroom?

Very nice setup! I also wondered about tool storage, but we also don’t see the entire vehicle .

There appears to be several cabinets, which likely house inspection tools. Nice, I like it.

Yep. There really is something to be said for a really simple and direct word mark logo that can fill the entire side of a van. This looks great Blake. I always love it when inspectors use their marketing well.