Hot PICs of "We'll Buy Your Home Back" Guarantee at Allen County, Ohio Fair.

Booth manned by member Andrea Renner.




Agreed. Very nice looking.

Did this booth generate very many leads??? Was thinking the buy back program would at a home show? Seriously considering doing a show this next year here in indiana.

I wouldn’t do it. County Fairs work, but not nearly as well as other venues. You only have so much time and energy to devote to promoting your business. You have to be efficient and do only those things we know work well.

You definitely should use the Buy Back program to promote your inspection business because it works… but do it by making real estate office presentations. HUGE bang for your buck because the Buy Back program is a tool that they can relate to and use (through you), which is what you want. It was designed (reverse engineered) as the ultimate tool for that purpose. Read

Have a booth at the fair only if you like going to county fairs, nothing wrong with that thinking, I love county fairs.