Hot PICs: This Pennsylvania Certified Master Inspector offers it all.

Scroll down this page to see his qualifications: InterNACHI-Certified Professional Inspector Bloomsburg PA . He might be the most qualified inspector on earth.

Pennsylvania Certified Home Inspector #NACHI11023210

PA Labor and Industry Third Party Agency Cert #A00238

PSMA Onlot Wastewater Treatment System Inspector #101547

Certified Master Inspector InterNachi

Wood Destroying Pest Certification #12

Mold Inspection, Testing & Assessment – ESA

Methamphetamine Screening & Reporting – MethLab LLC

RRP Lead Testing & Renovation – (certified thru testing)

OSHA Hazwoper Certified #130530179715

Universal Freon Technician #2273870

HFC-410A Freon Technician #65AA4DC25C8BO8B21

“Smart Air” Vehicle Mold Tester #VMST-8-13-00004

Phase 1 Enviromental Inspections EP

Owens Corning Roof Data Technician (certified thru InterNachi)

Pennsylvania Septic Management Association Certified

Certified Floodplain Administer

International Code Council ICC #5155160

International Association of Certified Home Inspectors #NACHI11032310

Pennsylvania Building Code Officials – Pennboc

Central Susquehanna Builders Association #1739194

Environmental Consultants and Affiliates Network LLC

Pennsylvania Housing Research Center

Columbia Montour Chamber of Commerce

AARST-PA (radon)

PA Rural Water Association

PA Septage Management Association

Independent Home Inspectors of North America (IHINA)

Pennsylvania Association of Zoning Officials (PAAZO)

PA Commercial Pesticide Applicator #203100

PA Residential and Commercial Building Inspector #003870

PA DEP Radon Tester #2911

ASSE Backflow Preventer Tester #28226

PA Asbestos Building Inspector #55125

PA Lead Building Inspector #056738

PA Contractors Lincense #131815


InterNACHI Member of the Year :slight_smile:

I love that man to no end and very proud to call him my friend. Larry Frace has a heart the size of Texas too and he cares so much for everyone. Larry is an “Old School” inspector and a very smart one at that. He uses the latest in technology but thinks before he does something. Well over thirty some years as a Home Inspector… … I think he is close to 40 years almost. This man is a Legend and I am honored to call him a friend of mine.

… and if you stumble across this Larry Frace, I love you man.

Larry will be at the free, upcoming national convention helping attendees grow their inspection businesses: Professional Inspectors Convention | InterNACHI’s Annual Convention

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That is impressive

Wow! He is amazing and inspirational.

Just looked at Dan’s qualifications, may not be as numerous, but may be more encompassing.

John Paul …

Thanks for the kind words. I’ve taken a few educational classes or picked up a few certifications or licenses along the way but not like this fellow.

71 yrs old & 35 yrs in inspections leaves me with about twice what I’ve attached here BUT most of mine are not used so not listed here.

The main ones I use in Expert Witness, etc are here.

Dan, Some of yours would take longer to acquire. Your field of knowledge is wide. The other guy does have more inspection specific qualifications, but a few of those totaled would only take a number of months to acquire. Certifications only go so far.

My vote goes to you:)

JP … at 71, I’ve had a few years to pick up some training, etc. 50 years of work in the trades and 35 yrs of inspecting (the 1st 6-7 yrs part time) and a bunch of related training there.

Grew up in a foundation, heavy equipment family building highways, roads, shopping centers, residential foundations, etc … Training started about 12 yrs old.

Original College construction mngt & mechanical engineering (hvac). Later in life structural engineering course work AND another degree in Real Estate.

Built large multi-family apts / condos in Denver & Steamboat Springs, Colorado.

National Service Mngr / Trainer for large Appliance / hvac manufacturer.

Factory Service Rep for Friedrich Air Conditioning.

Construction Supervisor for large volume Texas Builder … SF homes, multi-family, strip centers, Senior Citizen Retirement Homes, Motels, etc.

Got sent to a lot of training classes along the way.

Mainly I’ve been out there a long time and got trained along the way.

Dan, That is a lot of real world experience. There is no substituting that part of the equation in inspection quality.

Dan Im not far behind you at 61. Just think over a 100 years between us in the industry.

Impressive Larry & Dan! Cheers!