Hot sexy women teach electrical

Sorry, it’s just Joe Tedesco:

OH now that was NOT fair! :mad:

I feel cheated :neutral:

You are a sick sick man Marc…jmo…jim

Darn Marc, I was hoping to see more like this.:mrgreen:

I always like a girl in a hard hat

I notice they’re making pink hard hats now for girls. One local GC has a pink hard hat as a spare that he makes a guy wear if he forgets his at home.

I saw a this old house episode, which they interviewed a woman electrician. She painted her tools all pink. When asked about that, she replied to something like this. It was her favorite color, and a theft deterrent. :wink:


My wife has one, with a straw brim around it

Marc, I think Joe says it best…

“That’s not good!”

Several Electrical Engineers and I attended his class in New Hampshire and found it to be top notch!

I have taken many, many electrical classes across this country with different trainers and I found Joe Tedesco is an EXCELLENT Trainer and is extremely knowledgeable!

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OMG and I was actualy feeling guilty just as i clicked > for this being the first post I looked at today!!.. LOL