Hot toilet

How many times do you see this?


You are suggesting a hot water supply connection to a toilet?
I have seen it…
clients have their reasons…
Usually Well Water to the Home and a Hot Water connection reduces condensation on the tank.

My question is why is the line to the tank from the supply line blue? I am not a thermal image nut but doesn’t blue mean cold n the presence of red? How come it stops/ I guess I need some edumecation!!:wink:

Plus there is a 60 degree temperature difference between what appears to be water connection. A regular picture with this IR pic would have been better to understand what you are looking at…

I have had several of these and not all are hot water. Did you actually look at the temperature?

I had one situation where the mixing valve for the shower was bad and allowing enough bypass to show up like that, but the supply was correct.

I also had others that simply look warmer due to the fact the water is warmer than the inside of the home.

Could it just be the fact that your warm body is reflecting off the metal line???

What was your conclusion to this image?

The temp scale on the right shows the temp of that line at 127 degrees. I felt it first and then got the camera out for fun. I flushed the toilet and watched the temp and image change from cold to hot. My conclusion to this image is that the plumber hooked up hot water to this toilet and said water is being flushed down the drain. Conclusion out

127 would be hot water. Good conclusion!