Hot Tub Power lines

This can’t be a good idea.

inspect 020.jpg

Paul, Jeff P. and or Greg,

Can you guys tell me if it’s okay to have the hot tub power lines laying on the ground unprotected?..Thanks!

They’re inside conduit, aren’t they? Looks like LFMC.

Trip Hazard, at least.

Not any more than the bricks. . .

Hi to all,

I would call it out as a problem as LFMC (if thats what it indeed is) is not rated for that location.

I would say that that cable assembly was bt deninition subject to physical damage, that stuff is very thin walled and can be colapsed easily by putting someones size 9’s all over it.

And yes its also a trip hazard.



Here we call it “sealtight” . It can be crushed, but normally it has to be stomped on very hard. Some areas allow only certain distances of this type conduit. In my area I would write it as…

Electric to hot tub could have been better if run in rigid, or minimum of emt (thinwall) conduit. Any of these need to be strapped to the ground to prevent trip hazard like the sealtight in the photo. The best way for this would have been run overhead and down the column to connect to the hot tub. Or have the conduit in the ground.

I beleive every area differs though… That would be the norm for the electros here.

Or you could concrete over it and make a speed bump. Really though crushing would be hard to do if it were strapped there. The brick looks higher and would provide enough protection. Just my opinion though.

Good stuff, I agree with all. Most of all it’s just a crappy install, and will be reported as such. Thanks guys.

Thanks Gerry for the ref.

what about extensive exposure to the sun? will that deteriorate the conduit? sort of “dry” it out so to speak?

I’m in Michigan, there is no extensive sun.

well here in good 'ol New England we get anyware from below zero to 110+ deg. F. sometimes it seem to happen in the same day. i’d think a freeze/thaw cycle and u.v. rays may damage it in time, even if no one trips on it. just a rating question realy.

I took a similar picture to an AHJ a few years ago. At that time he had no problem with it. I find it all the time and simply write it up as a trip hazard now, as I would the bricks, too.

ok…Gerry is right on…the physical damage issue is clear and the proper issue to call out…

The issue is unless it is LFMC or LFNC-B under certain conditions it is the wrong conduit method…and even if LFMC ( not carflex ) it is subject to physical damage as it is subject to temp conditions that can cause it to become brittle…and it is not supported correctly…

Call it out…but in reality…It will most likely stay their and work for years…:slight_smile: