Hot Water Flooding Question

Goodmorning, Hope everyone is enjoying snow:D

Was home sick in bed and got an interesting call from 914 phone number which I believe is somewhere in NY. Gentleman stated he had a home inspection done on his townhome and a week or so later his hot water tank PRV let go and did $1500 dollars damage to his neighbouring property. He said his home inspector gave him the 800 number to insurance company who then told him they had a limit of $500 dollars. (Found this a little hard to believe). He wanted my thoughts on subject. There was apparently no visible rust, no leaks, everything seemed ok. I was too sick to think of asking for year of tank and whether there was floor drain etc.

Anybody else encounter anything like this. Later when I was feeling better I was wondering if it was some consumer group or similar that was doing random survey’s etc. Why he would phone Canada is puzzling, etc for the expert knowledge that is :smiley:

Why is Texas exporting so much snow?



I would think that the inspection and the leak had nothing to do with each other.