Hot Water Heater Question

Who manufacturers the hot water heaters for Ace Hardware? The model # is 5 30 NSRT6 with a Serial Number of F88552210. Would like to know the actual mfg, date of mfg, and any other pertinent information I can get on it. I tell you these last two inspections I had yesterday had appliances I have never heard of. What a way to end the week and begin a new one.

Thanks for the help.

Most likely made by State Industries. The serial number conforms to their way of numbering…F88 = June, 1988. Those don’t seem to change when they make “brand name” WHs. The model number, however, would be specific to Ace.

Thanks Richard for the info, I thought the serial number looked familiar, but wanted to make sure of the mfg date before putting it into the final report. Thanks again.