Hot Water heater

Hello everyone this is my first post, please bear with me. I will enclose a photo of a connection between the cold supply and hot distribution line from a hot water heater. I do not know what this is. If anyone could help that would be great.


Water heater tank booster?

Water heater, not Hot Water heater. :wink:

mixing valve w/ temp gauge

It is a booster to allow you to get more runtime from your water heater. It allows you to turn the temperature up to 140, then it mixes in cold water to drop the temp some on its way to the faucet.

Code in Ontario Canada Requires these on all installations . The tank water must be heated to minimum of 140 to stop legionnaires disease and the tap max temp must maximum of 120 as 140 can burn instantly.
Norman please go to Control Panel at top left and put in your information .

Thank you all for your feedback and information. And Stephen for correcting me on my redundancy. This will be information I can pass on to a new homeowner.

Its called a thermostatic mixing valve as Stephen linked to. It prevents bacterial growth in the WH, scalding at fixtures and increases hot water supply.

Maybe this will help… :wink:

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