Hot Water on Demand....

Does anyone have this? If so, how do you like it?

Are you asking about tankless, circulation pump or “point of use”?

I have hot water circulation via a timer, also an extra series tank on a switch when company stays over and two “point of use” (2.5 gal) tanks under kitchen sink and one bathroom sink so the loop does not have to run 24/7.

Just added six wireless water sensors and motorized main valve for leak detection.

I got rid of mine. The water coming out of my well is directly off the Nisqually Glacier aquifer and comes out of the tap at 37 degrees once the pump turns on. It did not reach an acceptable temperature. I installed it at my moms house in SoCal and it works great. But then her “cold” water is like 60 degrees out of the faucet. Works great for her single person household that does not use multiple hot water demand items at the same time.

Very good point regarding the temperature of the water to start with.

Mine is about the same temp and I love it so cold and the taste is great but others, too, told me to stay with the tanked heater because of the temperature difference run up.

I was asking about tankless, water temp coming out of my well is about 70 degrees year round.

lots of discussion lately on those:

I own three Noritz products. Two tankless water heaters and a tankless boiler for radiant heat. Awesome products with superb customer service. I will never go back to a conventional storage tank type. And dont forget about the energy savings.

Thanks, I think I will try it.

It’s up to you. But I would do a cost benifit analysis. The payback time on these units is considerable due to the cost on installaton.

I can install it myself.

That’s great but I didn’t mean just the labor. The venting for these units can get pricey especially for a long run.:slight_smile:

…said the homeowner.

Sorry, couldn’t resist. :stuck_out_tongue: Good luck.

My experience with tankless units:

Tankless Water Heater Installation FAQ - Paragon Inspections Evanston / Chicago

Not just a home owner, I can do anything or learn how. i use to install Appliances and service them also.


If the water coming out of your well is 70 degrees than an electric unit might be in order. Easy to install if your service is large enough, can be placed anywhere with no venting to worry about, and just think of the things you can do with the extra space.:slight_smile: