Hot Yellow Pages ad includes NACHI, CMI, and IAC2 logos!

That is a beautiful ad If that doesn’t turn a few eyes nothing will.

I had to go back and look at that ad. I think I am going to rip it off and use it except the CMI bit and the company info and the American flag I’ll use the Canadian one, it only makes sense. :wink:

Great Ad but misleading and deceiving. Said he had 28 years experience. I think most buyers would interpret that as 28 Yrs of HI experience. If somebody ever had a problem with one of his inspections, I think a lawyer could have a field day with the verbiage.

“Your honor the only reason my poor clients chose him was because he says he had 28 Yrs of experience, and now we find out that …”

Yes and make sure you Keep" we are fully insured "it adds,to people thinking they can go after your insurance company if they are dissatisfied.


The wording I would change around I just like the layout of the page.
I never mention insurance if someone asks, my reply is “it’s for me to know and you to find out.” LOL
(and before anyone jumps on me I’m joking)